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About Us

About Us

The Little Things – Simplifying Marriage is India’s first Marriage Mentoring organization bringing marital education and wellness programs to empower Indian couples globally. Our unique approach goes beyond healing hurting relationships – we believe in proactively saving and nurturing them.


We offer a comprehensive ecosystem supporting couples at every marital stage. Whether you’re premarital, newlywed, expecting, navigating parenthood, embracing the NRI lifestyle, embracing empty nests, or tackling menopause – we’ve got your back.


Our marriage wellness collective includes a powerhouse of experienced professionals – counselors, mind coaches, family financial advisors, and doctors. We strongly believe that most relationships, big and small, are worth nurturing and saving.


We carefully research, collate, and present the best of the little things – simple yet impactful practices that effortlessly steer your marriage toward the desired positive shifts.


With the idea of making our programs flexible and accessible, we offer online and in-person marriage mentoring programs tailored for Indian couples across the globe. From courses to mentoring programs, from enriching blogs to real stories that inspire, from couples therapy to a supportive community, we’re here to support you on your journey to create a happier and healthier relationship.

A Book for Every Modern Indian Couple

Row, Row, Row Your Boat: 50 Simple Little Things To Navigate The Modern Indian Marriage
Marriage Wellness Book

The modern Indian couple stands on an interesting cusp of two worlds.

Even as their roots lie in the ancient wisdom and traditions of our longstanding culture, they are simultaneously embracing the future of modern living.


In the book Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Couples Therapists & Marriage Mentors, Sophia Philips and Roopak Nedumpilly speak of their own journey as a couple navigating these dual worlds and share the insights they have gathered along the route. Early in their marriage, they realized that their relationship was like a boat – sailing sometimes through turbulent waters and sometimes through gentle, placid waves. In each of these varied moments, it was by paying attention to the little things, the details, that they were able to rediscover each other and grow together to navigate the oceans.


Through their lively and refreshingly honest anecdotes of marital fiascos and repair attempts, they take the modern Indian on a self-reflective journey. It makes the reader examine their marriage and help them row better – together.

eBook Kindle Edition (FREE on Kindle Unlimited)
Hardcover Edition (Shipped in India Only)



Flip through our blogs, and you may find
a couple of practical little things that you could do immediately
to kindle connection and intimacy with your partner and,
inspire you to take your first steps towards your marriage wellness. Remember, it’s the little things that make big differences. 

The Little Stories

Little Stories

Stories inspire us.
We asked our patrons, friends, and families
what they believed made their couplehood special.
Here are a collection of little stories they told us.

It was very relevant to my life and my partner

Frankly speaking I did not know what to expect at the workshop. But I realised that from the first hour itself that it was very relevant to my life and my partner. It was through simple activities I realised that what we can do differently to make changes for the better in my married life. It was very insightful. Thank you team TLT for the passion with which you have created this very unique workshop.

> Female, Married for 2 months, Attended the Offline Program

Different because it felt tailor-made for me and my wife

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole day! I have been a part of many workshops and also have conducted workshops as I am a trainer myself. This one was very, very different. Different because it felt tailor-made for me and my wife. I did not know that such simple and yet powerful techniques will work so well. I now think that all couples who are getting married to attend a workshop like this.

> Male, Married for 2 months, Attended the Offline Program

Well structured way of understanding someone who I need to be spending the rest of my life with

We were asked to attend this program by my fiancé’s sister. I felt it was more practical than sitting at a coffee shop and have conversations that may not give the actual context. This was indeed a more practical and structured way of understanding someone who I need to be spending the rest of my life with. The experience was amazing and beautiful. It made me to be in the real time and come out of my perceptions and apprehensions of marriage because I understood a lot of things about my future fiancé and I felt that I can see him more from a realistic point.

> Female, Soon to be Engaged, Attended the Offline Program

Many things have started changing towards the better

This program helped me work on my relationship with more understanding. I realized that with their input and my own efforts of doing some little things and changes, many things have started changing towards the better. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to build a stronger bond in their relationship with their husband or wife.

> Male, 18 Years of Marriage, Attended Online Mentoring Program

Helped a lot to identify our weaknesses and work on them

There were great conversations that happened through this program. I am so thankful to Sophia for the warmth and understanding she showed. The insights, tools and methods she provided, guided us to identify the stress points in our marriage and bridge our gaps.

> Female, Married for 3 years, Attended the Online Mentoring Program

We could identify and address most of the issues in our marriage

My wife joined me in Canada 6 months after our wedding. I have been here for a little over 2 years. It was great being with her in the beginning but we were fighting a lot very soon. I felt her family was interfering a lot even though they were back in Bangalore. We had reached a point where we thought it was best that we separate and that is when a friend suggested we enroll in the program with The Little Things. It was a good experience to go through the program. We could identify and address most of the issues we were facing. Some issues, we realized will remain and that is the DNA of our marriage! Be prepared for a lot of self-work!

> Husband, 32 years, Toronto, Canada

Helped me to talk to my wife with more clarity and understanding

I  was feeling lonely in my relationship most of the time. I was finding it difficult to talk to anyone, I am close to. Somehow my family and friends couldn’t understand how I felt. But I felt heard and understood at TLT. Taking this program, helped me to talk to my wife with more clarity and understanding. I feel she understands me better now and I am more open to understanding her too.

> Male, Married for 18 Years, Attended the Online Mentoring Program

We decided to stay and work on ourselves and our relationship

My husband and I were living together in Mumbai and post the wedding our work took us to different parts of the world. When we finally reunited in Dubai after 3 years, we realized that we could not relate to each other at all. We were constantly fighting. Also, he confessed about having feelings for a colleague and he was not too sure if he wanted to continue our marriage. He actually suggested we try therapy and his sister gave TLT’s website. We enrolled for the program and we see a difference in our relationship. We have now decided to work on our marriage and take it forward.

> Wife, 29 years, Dubai

Feeling confident as I am getting into an arranged marriage

Ours is (going to be) an arranged marriage. Due to the pandemic, I could only meet him online because even the girl-seeing happened online. I was not too sure whether he and I are a good match. My mentor asked me to contact TLT who I believe she had referred to many of her students. This program helped me and my fiancé know each other much better. Feeling much more confident now and waiting for our wedding in January.

> Female, Soon to be Married, Attended the Online Mentoring Program

Helped my husband and me a lot

My therapist asked me to enroll in this program along with my husband during my pregnancy. It has helped us both a lot. I feel that my husband was more involved in the pregnancy and with the baby.

> Wife, Married for 5yrs

It helped us draw out our feelings about us

The experience was good. Had quite a few activities today, which seem simple but brought out a lot of meaning, thoughts and shifts within our context. It helped us draw out our feelings about us and our relationship and I really loved it. There were revelations on what little things that I can proactively tweak to bring about a positive change in my relationship with my wife.

> Male, Married for 3 months, Attended the Offline Session

Had so much fun while we discovered about each other & built a stronger bond

As a couple, we were doing many new things in the lockdown. When we found TLT, it was just another lockdown activity, but it turned out to be much more than that. We actually had so many surprises and so much fun while we discovered about each other and built a stronger bond through all the sessions and activities. We were taught to work with ourselves and our relationship. We also realise that the same techniques can be applied for all our relationships. Thank you Sophia and team TLT.

> Male, Married for 17 years,  Attended the Online Mentoring Program

I personally found a lot of validation about my feelings

The experience of attending the session was beautiful! It was coupled with experiences that we have experienced long back but have seized to experience it now because of our hectic lives and shifts in our relationship. There were reminders on how to draw from what worked for us in the past and how to make it work now – like talking and laughing for silly reasons. I personally found a lot of validation about my feelings and emotions that I felt about my husband. This program enabled me to help my husband understand some things that I have been trying to communicate to him from a long time.

> Female, Married for 3 months, Attended the Offline Program

This program helped me get closer to my wife

My wife and I had felt that we had drifted apart after our son was born. It also got complicated because she and our son was staying in her hometown. This program helped both of us understand where we must focus our attention and what we can do together to help our marriage. This is a program I feel we should have done while she was pregnant itself.

> Husband, Married for 4yrs

Very practical in helping us understand things based on our own context

The day was amazing. The sessions on relationship management, financial stability and all the other activities made me understand my partner well – how I think, what she feels and how we both can merge our thoughts together. The team also was very practical in helping us understand things based on our own context. Thank you so much.

> Male, Soon to be Engaged, Attended the Offline Program



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COVID-19 on the marital relationship of Indian couples.
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