Ashwini Sumit

Ashwini & Sumit

To us, marriage actually brought freedom and adventure to explore with a best friend by the side. We have our...

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Reachel & Shery

Our favorite time together is sitting on our terrace, sipping a cup of chai. We talk about our little things...

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Vimala Guru

Vimala & Guru

Our myths of a relationship were the expectations the society or our own families had from a husband-wife relationship. Understanding...

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Swarna Raja

Swarna & Raja

When we started off, we were poles apart in our personalities but our values were similar which helped build the...

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together again

After The Affair

...he confessed to me about this affair he was having with a married woman. He had been feeling guilty about...

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Shyama Pradeep

Shyama & Pradeep

It has always been important to both of us that our marriage and its associated commitments never come in the...

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