Shyama Pradeep

Time flies fast when you have the best company, isn’t it? A few months from now, we hit our 9-year mark, and touchwood, the 7-year-itch that people seem to talk about, never came our way. Looking back, I feel my life can’t be better than this. With Shyama in my life, a lot of things knowingly or unknowingly just fell into place.


The first 4 years of marriage, when it was just us, there were lesser responsibilities. In those days, I wanted to explore the various work opportunities, which meant traveling and hopping homes and cities. Shyama stood happily with me, accompanying me everywhere, even though it meant a loss of continuity in her work.  But when an international work opportunity came her way, I was persistent in encouraging her to not let it go. I made sure she makes the most of the chances that came her way.

Pradeep Shyama

It has always been important to both of us that our marriage and its associated commitments never come in the way of our personal and professional growth. We have supported each other, keeping this value core to the foundation of our relationship.


When our daughter was born, like any other working couple, we have dealt and still continue to deal with the daily rush and other multi-tasking difficulties. It is never easy to take a break from work, to get back to it, after a long gap, fulfilling the big list of to-dos for our little one, and still enjoying life, dabbling between the work from home and household duties. But when I look at my family, I know we have been good together, balancing it out, as strong team players.

PR Shyam

While we don’t exactly have the whole piece figured out, but with her by my side, I am certain, it will all fall into place with time. An important aspect of our marriage is also that neither of us has specified roles in the household. We both earn, we both parent our daughter equally, and we enjoy sharing every responsibility, in that manner.  Of course, there are some things she owns up completely or some others that I do. But in case there is a need to reverse those roles, we are more than happy to put in an honest attempt to fill in for the other.


After all, these unassuming little things we do for each other is what fills up our journey together with the best times of our lives.

– Pradeep Radhakrishnan