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Personalized One-to-One Marriage Mentoring
for Couples Who Have Been Married for a While
(1+ Yrs of Marriage)

About the Program

Often, marriage is misunderstood to be a commitment that would last forever, with little or no effort. But this is never the case. We often find individuals questioning the ideal marriage scenarios. To break the myth, let us put it this way – there are no perfect marriages. Each marriage and relationship are different. It all depends on how rough the winds are and what kind of storms you deal with as you sail on this boat with your spouse. More importantly, it also depends on how determined you are in rowing your boat to the safety of the shore. The guided conversations in this program will help you customize the efforts you put into your relationship.

The Marriage Navigation Mentoring Program is an advanced level one-to-one personalized marriage mentoring for couples who have been married for a long time and are willing to change the unpleasant things to good and the good things even better. The program offers a safe, non-confrontational, and non-judgemental space for you and your partner to make your relationship healthier, happier, stronger, and better with techniques tailor-fit to your specific emotional and personal needs.


This program is founded on the science of intimate relationships and years of research-backed frameworks derived from what actually works in a thriving relationship and not based on general, idealistic projections of what a relationship should be. It includes personalized assessments of each of the partner’s present experiences of the relationship dynamics, strengths, growth areas, and much more.

Every Little Thing Counts


Who's it for?

Couples Who Have Been Married for a While (1+ Years)

We’re Disconnected

Helps repair marriages in distress

We’re Doing Good

Helps maximize from good to great

We’re Doing Great

Helps navigate through potential storms

We've Got You Covered!


What To Expect?

Discover Inner Worlds

Explore and discover each other more deeply through effective tools, and unlock the valuable treasure of knowledge about each other. Move away from being on autopilot in your relationship and learn the process of building deeper connections and grow closer to each other.

Build Trust and Commitment

Learn to maximize your partner’s interests and benefits and not just your own needs. In the process, develop deep levels of trust, mutually. Discover ways to value and cherish your partner’s positive qualities. Develop a sense of gratitude towards your partner. Learn to trust easily and nurture the ability to act on that trust to create a sense of commitment towards each other, building your team of two.

Create a Positive Perspective

Learn ways to create positive perspectives about each other consistently. While doing so, overcome the tendencies to become unnecessarily vigilant of the negativity, especially during problem-solving discussions and conflict resolution times.

Build Systems of Appreciation and Respect

Learn how to become aware of your mind’s habit of showing criticism and contempt and find out how to develop your systems to build a culture of appreciation, fondness, affection, and respect.

Manage Conflict

Identify core issues and any patterns of negative cycles. Understand triggers in your conflicts, decode the meaning of long-lasting conflicts and infuse humor and affection as a softening agent even when disagreeing. Discover ways in which you can soothe yourself physiologically when you are in a bout of anger. Learn to be empathetic towards your partner’s feelings, and also feel heard, respected, and understood yourself.

Build Shared Meaning

Explore each other’s goals, life missions, the legacy you wish to leave the world with, your cultures, your religion, your spirituality, and in the process discover similarities, or probably discrepancies, leading to the crafting of your relationship’s unique meaning, values and culture. Learn to articulate dreams and aspirations and in the process, establish your personal, couple, and family goals together with your partner.

Develop Deep Emotional Connection

Discover how your partner seeks connection and expresses emotional needs. Learn to adapt your responses, so you turn toward your partner. This knowledge will lead to having a positive effect on your relationship.

Protecting Your Marriage

Learn to identify potential threats to your relationship and understand how to address areas that might make you and your relationship vulnerable. There are issues such as taking each other for granted, loneliness, infidelity, separation, and divorce, which need to be addressed appropriately in case a need arises.

Enliven Dreams and Aspirations

Discover your partner’s dreams and aspirations, and learn to articulate your dreams and aspirations to your spouse. Know how to build positive systems in your marriage with the intention of a better relationship. In the process, uncover the hidden values behind stubborn conflicts.

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What happens through the 12-weeks?

Connect With
Your Mentor

Set personalized objectives
Schedule program plan
Get oriented

Your Program

Personalized assessment
Map relationship dynamics
Discover growth areas

Begin Dyadic

Personalized dialogues
Fun insightful exercises
Prioritize actions

Thrive As Your
Team Of Two

Simplify your relationship
Review Progress
Thrive together

What Other Participants Had to Say?

Had so much fun while we discovered about each other & built a stronger bond

As a couple, we were doing many new things in the lockdown. When we found TLT, it was just another lockdown activity, but it turned out to be much more than that. We actually had so many surprises and so much fun while we discovered about each other and built a stronger bond through all the sessions and activities. We were taught to work with ourselves and our relationship. We also realise that the same techniques can be applied for all our relationships. Thank you Sophia and team TLT.

> Male, Married for 17 years,  Attended the Online Mentoring Program

Many things have started changing towards the better

This program helped me work on my relationship with more understanding. I realized that with their input and my own efforts of doing some little things and changes, many things have started changing towards the better. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who wants to build a stronger bond in their relationship with their husband or wife.

> Male, 18 Years of Marriage, Attended Online Mentoring Program

Helped me to talk to my wife with more clarity and understanding

I  was feeling lonely in my relationship most of the time. I was finding it difficult to talk to anyone, I am close to. Somehow my family and friends couldn’t understand how I felt. But I felt heard and understood at TLT. Taking this program, helped me to talk to my wife with more clarity and understanding. I feel she understands me better now and I am more open to understanding her too.

> Male, Married for 18 Years, Attended the Online Mentoring Program

Helped a lot to identify our weaknesses and work on them

There were great conversations that happened through this program. I am so thankful to Sophia for the warmth and understanding she showed. The insights, tools and methods she provided, guided us to identify the stress points in our marriage and bridge our gaps.

> Female, Married for 3 years, Attended the Online Mentoring Program

Flexible Payment Options


How to Get Started?


CALL or WHATSAPP us at 9980082365 to connect with our marriage wellness mentor.


Customize your mentoring needs, and schedule your program start date.


Get started!

We understand that you may have further questions about the program. You may probably find the answer in the FAQ section below.

If you would like to have a conversation to clarify any specific questions you may have, we are available on WhatsApp Chat for your convenience.

We take privacy seriously . No chats are saved or shared.

Frequently asked Questions

You will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this program below. If you did not find the answer you were looking for, please write to us at and we’ll get in touch with answers.

These are the two prerequisites:

  1. That you are in a committed relationship currently.
  2. That you can converse in English.

This is a program designed for couples to work together to form their team-of-two, hence you and your partner’s willingness to put in the time and effort to better your relationship is essential!

Yes. We have found that the most effective way to develop a connection or heal a relationship is for both partners to be present.

This is a facilitator-led guided online or in-person mentoring program. The program is structured into 12 sessions about 60-90mins each, one per week, which includes personalized assessments, individual conversations, conjoint conversations, and exercises to be performed as a couple.

Online sessions are facilitated via a secured private virtual meeting room like Zoom, and in-person sessions are facilitated at TLT’s space in Bangalore.

We are flexible between 7 AM to 9 PM IST. Sessions are scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time, Sundays and public holidays included.

Each session with the mentor would be around 60-90 minutes. Some of the exercises are done during the sessions, while some are to be accomplished as a couple in between sessions at your comfort and time.

No, for online conjoint sessions, you can join from different locations too. Needless to say, for in-person conjoint sessions, both of you are needed to be present.

Yes. This program has helped couples, who are planning to get married (arranged or love), understand and know each other better, recognise their own and each others’ dreams, aspirations, fears, and expectations. It has also helped them set realistic expectations of marriage – after the honeymoon period.

For you to get the best experience of this program, you must have a basic computer or mobile device and internet skills. You should be able to use a web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, and keep it updated to the most recent version.

You can email us ( or call us (9980082365) to reschedule your program start to a later date.

Cancellation request to the program registration should be sent via an email to or via a call to 9980082365. Please read the Cancellation And Refund Policy included in the Terms of Service agreement for more details.