Our Collective

Sophia Philips

Co-Founder & Managing Director

When we are inspired by our own journey, we create something beautiful & poignant. As did Sophia, the Co-Founder of The Little Things, an award-winning relationship wellness collective in India, focused on enriching the couplehood experience for couples through all stages of their marital relationship.


Sophia has spent the past years researching, observing, and reimagining the experiences of the couple in a marriage. Infused with frameworks based on human psychology, science, and years of research on marital relationships, Sophia has been working with Indian couples of all ages and stages of their relationship to help them heal, strengthen and thrive together.


She is a trained professional in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Prepare-Enrich, both of which are among the most researched and evidence-based of the couple’s therapy methods. She is also a certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator and blends in several psycho-educational approaches such as NLP, Gestalt, Imago, EFT, and CBT.


Sophia is a graduate of the Women Startup Program at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, and alumna of the Indian Institute of Psychology and Research, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, and Christ College, Bangalore.

Roopak Nedumpilly

Roopak Nedumpilly

Co-Founder & Director
Programs & Operations

Every dream could help having an architect and partner. Roopak is that and more. Being a relationship wellness enthusiast himself, Roopak embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with Sophia, as the Co-Founder of The Little Things (TLT). 


Most part of his 15 years corporate work life revolved around human-centric approach in design leading to problem-solving, which involved enabling ergonomically designed workplaces through keen observation of and studying the needs, interaction and behaviour of the people at the workplace with the things, the other people around them, the physical place itself, and more importantly how they felt about themselves – their experience. He infuses these observations of the influence of inter-personal and intra-personal relationship wellness in the human-centric approach towards intimate partner relationships as one of the core designers of the TLT framework. This comes from years of attending, facilitating, and studying, scores of corporate and social relationship strengthening and bonding programs. His combined experiences in field of structural designing, workplace design insight development, people engagement, project management and business management adds value to the collective.


He is also a trained professional in Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Prepare/Enrich, both of which are among the most researched, evidence-based of the couples therapy methods. Roopak has a certification in counseling from the Indian Institute of Psychology and Research and is also a certified relationship workshop facilitator. Not surprisingly, Roopak and Sophia are partners in life too.


Roopak is an alumnus of the School of Management for Infrastructure and Development Strategies, B.M.S. College of Engineering, Visvesvaraya Technological University and Christ College, Bangalore. 

Anurama Suresh

Anurama Suresh

Mind Coach and NLP Practitioner

Emotional wellness coaching is a catalyst for a healthy relationship.


Anurama’s work is synonymous with that. A Certified Master NLP Practitioner – NFNLP, Florida, Gestalt Therapy Practitioner & Arhatic Yoga Practitioner, she coaches couples for emotional excellence in their relationship and to overcome fertility-related mind blocks and overcoming postnatal depression.


Anurama is also the Founder of Shreehi Consulting Services.

Sibu B Vaz

Sibu B Vaz

Developmental Drama Practitioner

There is drama everywhere and how we view it, matters. Honest interaction is a facilitator in holistic relationship development. Sibu with his experience in the field of developmental drama for over two decades is TLT’s enabler in the same.


He empowers the creation and implementation of tailor-made Interactive Theatre modules to help participants and organisers achieve their objectives. At present, he is a resource person for the Department of Performing Arts at Christ University and also works across corporates – to use drama as a tool for organisational and relationship development.


He is also the Founder of Vaz Dramatics Academy.

Joji Thomas

Joji Thomas

Counselling Psychologist

Expert and exclusive counseling is an irreplaceable part of programs at TLT.  Joji Thomas, a Certified Counsellor, brings that to the family.


With an eclectic approach in counseling, he has a Masters in Counselling Psychology and is also a Ph.D. Research Scholar.


His expertise lies in counseling for adolescents, family, relationship concerns, trauma, women-centric, and workplace concerns.

Priyesh Jose

Priyesh Jose

Family Financial Advisor

Often overlooked but an inevitable facet of a relationship is financial planning.


Priyesh, a Certified Financial Planner with over 15 years of experience in Financial Planning & Tax Planning services, helps add a touch of fiscal brilliance to the program.


As a Financial Advisor he works closely with families to guide them on financial goal planning and investment planning, tailor-made to their needs.

Dr. Neelima Sharma

Dr. Neelima Sharma

Dermatologist, Health & Hygiene Practitioner

Health and hygiene find a significant place in conversations of relationship wellness.

Dr. Neelima helps counsel the partners on its importance. She is a dermatologist and Vice-President of the Community Dermatology Society.


In addition to handling skin conditions, she works closely with communities providing health, hygiene, and safety education, and medically-validated scientific training in the beauty (cosmetology) sector.


She is also the Co-Founder of Anutham.

Roshni Radhakrishnan

Roshni Radhakrishnan

Content Writer & Social Media Coordinator

Communication is one of the keys in every successful relationship. TLT pays serious thought in how it communicates with its clients and followers. 


Roshni Radhakrishnan adds life and a practical touch to well researched content and manages our communication segment that connects us with you. 


She has a Masters Degree in Mass Communication (Journalism) and has previous experience as a Senior Content Writer and Instructional Designer. She is also a trained professional in Prepare-Enrich, a couples therapy method.


Roshni also does voluntary work in NGOs that need her services as a writer.