The world has turned upside down for us after our tiny little Krystle came into our lives. I seriously have no time for myself, but I wouldn’t exchange that for anything in the world, as she fills up my heart with joy. The best part is the unconditional love you get from her. Shery and I try to take some time for each other after she sleeps. It’s hard but not impossible to make time for each other. 


Shery is a father who dotes on his daughter! I love the way his eyes light up when he is with her. It’s almost like I can see the child in him, in those moments. However, he does not go overboard with anything. He believes she should grow up valuing everything she has. Never taking anything for granted.

Naming Ceremony

Once back from the office, he spends time with her while I do my office work. He is a big support to me and keeps pushing me to do better as an individual. I love music and always wanted to learn to play the violin. He gifted me one and found classes for me to get enrolled. Today I am also a professional home baker, and I take orders on the weekends. I started baking when  our baby was 3-months old. Shery made sure he was there to take care of her whenever I got busy with my baking orders or my work. 


But you know, the pressure in the end is always on the mother. No matter how much we do, we often end up, craving up appreciation and are constantly showered with advice from random people on how to raise our child. I must say, Shery buffers quite a lot of madness attached to the loads of advice and criticism I get, by letting me vent. He understands that I get upset by those conversations. Most times, those vent outs help me settle my nerves! He also coaxes me to dress up, take better care of myself, meet friends and have a life outside the family too. This helps a lot, as most of us women get caught in taking care of the baby and end up completely neglecting ourselves and our friendships.

Awaiting the little one

Of course, we have our set of arguments and difference of opinions too. A soft tone of voice is our secret to keeping things happy, when we are critical of each other or discussing uncomfortable topics. One of us lets go, though not necessarily the same person every time. We learnt that it is important, one of us gives in, because after all we care for each other more than the argument. 


Our favorite time together is sitting on our terrace, sipping a cup of chai. We talk about our little things that matter and also manage to laugh a lot during this time! Earlier, I used to rush back from work only to have this cup of chai with him. Today, more than 4-years into our marriage, and even after having our darling daughter, we still try to find time for this someway or the other. This is our ritual. This is precious!

Post-Wedding Photoshoot

The best thing about us is that; we laugh, are playful, argue, and fight like crazy all in a day and yet we continue to grow and achieve together in our life. In simple words, we are best friends.

– Reachel