We both worked in the same company but hardly even noticed each other at work. But destiny had it, and we were sent to Japan on an overseas project together. I had never stayed away from my parents before this trip. I missed home and found staying alone really difficult. But then, he gave me the confidence to be independent. Soon we became very good friends and then not long after, fell in love with each other. Gradually, being with him, felt like home, and after some resistance from the family, we got married to each other.


We have known, each other now for 8 years and I wonder what made us fit in with each other so smoothly like pieces of the same puzzle. Through this journey, I realized that through our differences, we have learnt to complement each other. We are from a completely different cultural background and so our traditions and family rituals and beliefs are also different. But we have always strived to achieve a balance in everything we do. Our food, our praying habits, our thoughts, and our actions are all wonderful coming together of who each of us is.


We don’t even have specific gender-defined roles in our home. We share our house chores and sometimes happily offer to give the other a break from it too. We give each other a good amount of individual space and time too. If there is a disagreement on some critical decision to be made, we discuss and try to reach an amicable conclusion to it. This has helped strengthen our bond over the years and so we are never skeptical in sharing or expressing our point of view with each other, even when there is a difference of opinion. This is something I admire the most about us together as a family. The fact that we will always have each other’s back, no matter what.


I have often heard people say marriages are about a lot of compromise and adjustments, but I do not believe it can be defined by just these two words. There are a lot of other little things that build up this institution and makes it so beautiful. When you enjoy these little things on a daily basis, then you are happier and more peaceful about the adjustments and compromises you make along the way.  And as I enjoy these small things in my life, every day, I feel sure, we are going to rock together, in all our coming years ahead.

– Mithali