Marriage First365 Mentoring (Intensive)

4-Days Intensive
Personalized One-to-One Marriage Mentoring for Newlyweds
(Zero to One Year of Marriage)

About the Program

The first year of marriage is the time you discover that living with a person can be a whole new adventure in comparison to dating the person. You discover much more about each other when living together on a daily basis. Many times, there is a lot of discussion and planning that goes into preparing for the one day of wedding rituals and celebrations. However, hardly any time is spent discussing how to handle marriage or how to equip yourself better at managing relationships.


After the wedding day, the whirlwind of activities suddenly subsides. The haze of the new romance also clears soon after the honeymoon. It is at this time that the first waves of responsibilities and adjustments in a married life crash against you and takes you by surprise. As a couple, you are, suddenly, left with a feeling of overwhelm or void; a phase of feeling – ‘What next?’. This if, not handled with care, may end up being the time when marriages can fall apart. Hence, it is not surprising that nearly half of the divorces in India are filed within the first year of marriage.


Research suggests that good communication and an open-minded approach in understanding each other’s personality and family backgrounds can pack you with the right kind of attitude to stay afloat while anchoring your relationship firmly.

The Marriage First365 Mentoring Program is a unique, personalized, one-to-one, online mentoring program for newlywed couples. The guided conversations in this program will not only help you lay a strong foundation by discovering each other better but also equip you with the essential relationship skills you need as you start your journey together, through techniques tailor-fit to your specific emotional and personal needs.


It offers a safe and non-confrontational space for you and your newlywed spouse to discover and embrace the ‘us’ in your relationship without letting go of the ‘me’ factor. The program guides you beyond the conversations of your favorite movies, dishes, hobbies, etc., into each other’s inner worlds, leading to the discovery of deeper facets of each other like origins, upbringing, values, dreams, aspirations, goals, etc. The program is, thoughtfully designed keeping in mind the potential struggles that erupt in the early years of marriage.


The program is founded on the science of intimate relationships and years of research-backed frameworks that are derived from what actually works in a thriving marriage and not based on an idealistic, generalized projection of what a relationship should be. It includes personalized assessments of the couple’s relationship-dynamics, stress-maps, personality, strengths, growth areas, and much more.

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Who's it for?


Just-married couples
(less than 365days of marriage)

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What To Expect?

Discover Expectations

One of the frequent struggles during the first year of marriage is due to unrealistic or unmet expectations. Learn to articulate yourself and discuss each other’s expectations. Also, explore strength and growth areas in your relationship, in a gentle and fun way to ensure smoother sailing during the first 365 days.

Understand Each Other’s Family of Origin

A person’s family of origin has an immense influence on his or her personality, habits, and behavior. Cut across the surface and dive deeper to understand each other’s family of origin and its impact. Learn how to blend and create your own family, using the strengths of your and your partner’s family of origin.

Develop & Maintain Friendship

Notice and appreciate your differences and use those differences to create moments of fun and friendship. Explore and discover each other more deeply through effective tools, and unlock the valuable treasure of knowledge about each other. Learn about working towards unity and simplicity – beyond the honeymoon phase.

Understand Emotional, Physiological, Sexual Needs Leading to Intimacy

Explore healthy ways to talk about your sexual preferences and feelings. Discover the magic of emotional intimacy and how that leads to more meaningful physical intimacy. Learn the process of building deeper connections and grow closer to each other, both emotionally and physically.

Personality and Communication

Discover how to bridge the communication gaps by understanding each other’s personalities and how it affects communication in your relationship. Learn ways to turn towards each other than turning away, by using simple tools and techniques to strengthen communication channels in your relationship.

Conflict Management

Understand how to resolve conflicts with little stress and, in the process, grow closer. Learn to respond rather than react to your partner’s feelings, and also feel heard, respected, and understood. Discover ways in which you can soothe yourself physiologically when you are in a bout of anger. Learn to be empathetic towards your partner’s feelings, and also feel heard, respected, and understood yourself.

Money Matters

Find out what money means to you and your partner. Discover each other’s money habits, learn skills to talk through money matters, establish financial roles and responsibilities, learn to discuss financial concerns with ease and also how to budget, plan, and manage your finances as a couple.

Protecting Your Marriage

Learn to recognize potential threats to your relationship and understand how to address areas that might make you and your relationship vulnerable. There are issues such as taking each other for granted, loneliness, infidelity, separation, and divorce, which need to be addressed appropriately in case a need arises.

Shared Meaning and Goals

Learn to articulate dreams and aspirations. In the process, equip yourself to establish your personal, couple, and family goals, along with your partner. Learn to involve each other while making important decisions about things like finances, career, children, etc. Speak as one voice with family and friends regarding the same. Know how to build positive systems in your marriage with the intention of a better relationship.

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What happens through the 4-Days?

Connect With
Your Mentor

Set personalized objectives
Schedule program plan
Get oriented

Your Program

Personalized assessment
Map relationship dynamics
Discover growth areas

Begin Dyadic

Personalized dialogues
Fun insightful exercises
Prioritize actions

Thrive As Your
Team Of Two

Simplify your relationship
Review Progress
Thrive together

What Other Participants Had to Say?

It helped us draw out our feelings about us

The experience was good. Had quite a few activities today, which seem simple but brought out a lot of meaning, thoughts and shifts within our context. It helped us draw out our feelings about us and our relationship and I really loved it. There were revelations on what little things that I can proactively tweak to bring about a positive change in my relationship with my wife.

> Male, Married for 3 months, Attended the Offline Session

I personally found a lot of validation about my feelings

The experience of attending the session was beautiful! It was coupled with experiences that we have experienced long back but have seized to experience it now because of our hectic lives and shifts in our relationship. There were reminders on how to draw from what worked for us in the past and how to make it work now – like talking and laughing for silly reasons. I personally found a lot of validation about my feelings and emotions that I felt about my husband. This program enabled me to help my husband understand some things that I have been trying to communicate to him from a long time.

> Female, Married for 3 months, Attended the Offline Program

It was very relevant to my life and my partner

Frankly speaking I did not know what to expect at the workshop. But I realised that from the first hour itself that it was very relevant to my life and my partner. It was through simple activities I realised that what we can do differently to make changes for the better in my married life. It was very insightful. Thank you team TLT for the passion with which you have created this very unique workshop.

> Female, Married for 2 months, Attended the Offline Program

Different because it felt tailor-made for me and my wife

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole day! I have been a part of many workshops and also have conducted workshops as I am a trainer myself. This one was very, very different. Different because it felt tailor-made for me and my wife. I did not know that such simple and yet powerful techniques will work so well. I now think that all couples who are getting married to attend a workshop like this.

> Male, Married for 2 months, Attended the Offline Program

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How to Get Started?


CALL or WHATSAPP us at 9980082365 to connect with our marriage wellness mentor.


Customize your mentoring needs, and schedule your program start date.


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We understand that you may have further questions about the program. You may probably find the answer in the FAQ section below.

If you would like to have a conversation to clarify any specific questions you may have, we are available on WhatsApp Chat for your convenience.

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Frequently asked Questions

You will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this program below. If you did not find the answer you were looking for, please write to us at and we’ll get in touch with answers.

These are the two prerequisites:

  1. That you are in a committed relationship currently.
  2. That you can converse in English.

This is a program designed for couples to work together to form their team-of-two, hence you and your partner’s willingness to put in the time and effort to better your relationship is essential!

Yes. We have found that the most effective way to develop a connection or heal a relationship is for both partners to be present.

This is a facilitator-led guided online or in-person mentoring program. The program is structured into sessions of 6 hours each spread over 4 days, which includes personalized assessments, individual conversations, conjoint conversations, and exercises to be performed as a couple.

Online sessions are facilitated via a secured private virtual meeting room like Zoom, and in-person sessions are facilitated at TLT’s space in Bangalore.

We are flexible between 7 AM to 9 PM IST. Sessions are scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time, Sundays and public holidays included.

Each session with the mentor would be about 6 hours a day. Some of the exercises are done during the sessions, while some others are to be accomplished as a couple in between sessions at your comfort and time.

No, for online conjoint sessions, you can join from different locations too. Needless to say, for in-person conjoint sessions, both of you are needed to be present.

Yes. This program has helped couples, who are planning to get married (arranged or love), understand and know each other better, recognise their own and each others’ dreams, aspirations, fears, and expectations. It has also helped them set realistic expectations of marriage – after the honeymoon period.

For you to get the best experience of this program, you must have a basic computer or mobile device and internet skills. You should be able to use a web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, and keep it updated to the most recent version.

You can email us ( or call us (9980082365) to reschedule your program start to a later date.

Cancellation request to the program registration should be sent via an email to or via a call to 9980082365. Please read the Cancellation And Refund Policy included in the Terms of Service agreement for more details.