Valentines Day

Little Little Ideas For A Great Valentine's Together

Though we believe every day spent together throughout the year is worth celebrating, there is nothing that should stop you from having a great time on Valentine’s day. However, dinner reservations at fancy restaurants have become too mundane. There is no element of surprise in it. 


If you want to celebrate your togetherness and make it memorable, make sure you focus on creating a romantic experience that is personally meaningful for the both of you. 


Here are some ideas you could use as it is or use them to spark your creativity further and enjoy a beautiful time together this Valentine’s Day. 


Re-create Your First Date

For most of you, the first date would have been a memorable one. It was a time when you had butterflies in your tummy on seeing each other. There was excitement and enthusiasm to impress each other. Why not try to re-create it by visiting the same places or doing the same things together? It would be a great way to reignite your passion for each other. You could also recreate any of your other favorite dates together.


Leave Secret Love Notes

If you have loved the feeling when your partner showers attention on you or expresses love for you in little ways, remember that they would enjoy the same if you do it. Every personal expression through words holds a deep meaning to your partner and your relationship. Leave little love notes in different places in the house, in the car, in a lunch box for your partner to find. Rest assured, this will surely bring a smile to your partner’s face. 


Go on an Adventure

If you and/or your partner thrive on adventures, why not plan one for this day. A quiet evening at a dinner table may not do justice to your enthusiasm. You could plan anything from bungee jumping, zip-lining, canoeing, trekking, paragliding, or scuba diving. Let the thrill of the adventure bring or foster the playfulness in your relationship. Make sure you indulge in activities both of you enjoy doing, or the situation could turn into a stress point. 


Picnic for Two under the Roof or in the Balcony

Just because you can’t stargaze together this year doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a picnic. Why not shift a few pieces of furniture here and there and make space for your favorite rug and some special home-cooked or take-away food? You could even play some favorite music on your phone, and put up some fairy lights to create a special ambiance. 


Spa at Home

What can be better than pampering each other the way you deserve? Be spontaneous or prepare yourself with a DIY (Do it yourself) video for massages and wipe away all the stress from the week for each other. You can easily get hold of massage oils that suit your senses and body in online stores or even simple coconut or olive oil from your kitchen can work wonders. Place a few scented candles and soft instrumental music around to create the perfect setting. A relaxing massage will not only relax both of you, but the physical touch can also help in tantalizing, sensual feelings for a more romantic night ahead.


So, go on and plan ahead or be spontaneous. But make sure you focus on making memories and moments together. Be in the moment.




Since, we are still not free from the Corona Virus, we recommend you take the necessary precautions if you choose to go on an adventure trip, or step out of your homes for a get-away. Before booking any activity or stay, please ensure the place is taking the necessary Covid safety measures.