Why Are Pre-Marital Workshops Necessary?

“Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation.” – Oscar Wilde


Nearly half of the total divorces occur in the first two years of the marriage. Many marriages fall apart because partners don’t expect the unexpected. When they do, more often than not, they find it tough to wade through the communication.


Wilde was right, to a great extent. Wasn’t he? To put it in simple words, every stage of a relationship sees varied amount of conversations and efforts in making the experience, beautiful. It all depends on the strong foundation on which the bricks of the relationship have been laid.


What’s a pre-marital workshop?

While we often hear of relationship and marriage counselling, how many of us have explored the option of pre-marital workshops and programs? It’s true that there is ample support from elders, friends and peers while the wedding date edges closer. That stated, how many of us have thought of availing the same support from certified experts and mentors? A pre-martial workshop brings together a bunch of professional experts who help you and your partner prepare for what lies ahead, both the spontaneity and the monotony.


Why are pre-martial workshops, important?

It’s proven that stages in a relationship hold a huge impact based on their ascending order, the first stage being the most vulnerable and suspect to damage. In India, where marriages are an affair to remember, may it be the multiple events, families involved or the phases to come, it can take a huge toll on the partners.


With pre-marital counselling workshops and online mentoring programs, one looks at being prepared for the future rather than combating issues as and when they arrive. With both the partners having individual financial, domestic, emotional and physical ambitions, it is important for them to pre-empt the issues that may arise in the relationship. A partnership evolves which involves shedding worries and communicating in a comfortable manner.


What does a pre-marital workshop include?

Pre-marital workshops are conducted either in groups or individually. Group workshops are highly preferred as they help warm up to the concept and open up about the objectives that the sessions set for a couple. Even a small amount of time spent in a pre-martial session can amply help in the future that awaits. Methodically, both the partners work through modules prepared by the mentors to understand and respect the strengths and weaknesses their relationship holds. The workshops involve conversations, open discussions, Q&A sessions, workbooks, easy exercises and feedbacks to keep the atmosphere fluid. The attendees take back a plethora of relevant information and also specially crafted material.


These are a few major goals that are worked on through the workshop which include improving conversations to anger management and intimacy. The experts and mentors on board bring together decades of experience which help them build a module that’s effect in predicting and managing aspects of communication and conflict.


Why is pre-marital workshop still a taboo in India?

While we do realise the need for conducive atmosphere for a healthy start to a marriage, we also believe that it’s an imitation of western culture. Well, it’s not. A relationship between two humans is a universal protagonist, only the supporting characters vary with demographics.


When we opt for a wedding planner to help us in managing our wedding, why does it sound outrageous to have experts assist us in preparing for a happy married life ahead?


It’s time that we open up to what is increasingly the need of the hour. Pre-marital Preparation Mentoring programs can be a marriage-saver. The best gift you can gift each other, prior to commencing on a lifetime of togetherness.