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Why Are Premarital Marriage Mentoring Programs Necessary?

“Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation.” – Oscar Wilde


Nearly half of the divorces are applied for in the first year of marriage. Many marriages fall apart because partners don’t expect the unexpected. When they do face it, more often than not, they find it tough to grapple with the realities.


Wilde was right, to a great extent. Wasn’t he? To put it in simple words, every stage of a relationship sees varied amounts of conversations and efforts in making the experience beautiful. It all depends on the strong foundation on which the bricks of the relationship have been laid.


What is a Premarital Marriage Mentoring Program?

A premarital mentoring program brings together a science-based way of learning and exploring some of the most important and practical relationship aspects & skills facilitated by certified marriage mentors & couples therapists who help you and your partner prepare for what lies ahead, both the spontaneity and the monotony.

While we often hear of relationship and marriage counseling, how many of us have explored the option of premarital marriage mentoring programs? It is true that there is ample support from elders, friends, and peers while the wedding date edges closer. That said, how many of us have thought of availing the same support from certified experts and marriage mentors?


Why is the Premarital Marriage Mentoring Program, important?

It is proven that the stages in a relationship hold a huge impact based on their ascending order, the first stage being the most vulnerable and suspect to damage. In India, where marriages are an affair to remember, be it the multiple events, families involved or the phases to come, it can take a huge toll on the partners.


Marriage can be no less demanding or adventurous than embarking on higher studies at a university, an IAS/IPS position, or a dream job in the corporate world. Then why not prepare for it just as much as one would prepare to write competitive exams or job interviews?


With online premarital marriage mentoring programs, one looks at being prepared and equipped for the future rather than being taken by shock and under-equipped to combat any issues as and when they arrive. With both partners having individual financial, domestic, emotional, and physical ambitions, it is essential for them to pre-empt the issues that may arise in their relationship as their partnership evolves which would require them to unlearn and learn habits, communicate comfortably and act consciously, working together. The premarital marriage mentoring program empowers the partners to work as a team at all times, whether blissful or distressful.


What does a Premarital Marriage Mentoring Program include?

Premarital Mentoring programs are conducted either as a group or with one couple at a time. The program helps the couple warm up to the concepts introduced and open up about the objectives they would like to set for themselves and their relationship. With little concerted effort by both partners, the premarital mentoring sessions can amply help in the future that awaits them in their marriage. Methodically, both partners work through the modules facilitated by the mentors to understand and respect their relationship’s strengths and weaknesses.


The program involves facilitated conversations, guided discussions, Q&A sessions, workbooks, easy exercises, and feedback to keep the atmosphere fluid and welcoming. Each couple takes back a plethora of relevant information and specially crafted tools and resources they can access and refer to at any time in the future as needed.


The premarital marriage mentoring program by The Little Things – Simplifying Marriage (TLT) covers a comprehensive range of aspects of a marital relationship, including nurturing friendship & trust, having quality conversations, building healthy boundaries, upholding intimacy, and conflict management, to name a few. The marriage mentors at TLT bring together decades of practical experience which has helped them design the program that helps couples of Indian origin create the healthy marriage they desire.


Why are Premarital Marriage Mentoring Programs not so popular in India?

A relationship between two humans is a universal protagonist; only the supporting characters vary with demographics.

While many of us may realize the need for a conducive atmosphere for a healthy start to a marriage, a large percentage of the Indian population also believes that it’s just an imitation of western culture. Well, the truth is, it is not.


India takes pride in its diversity, where every 100 km, one may experience a different language or dialect, cuisine, dressing style, and probably a completely different culture. Although some Indian cultures speak about such programs, most Indian cultures either have not known of such programs or have not put such a marriage preparation program into a formal practice.


When most Indian parents encourage their children to prepare for IAS/IPS and other competitive exams, or for their university studies abroad, or for their job interviews, why do they not encourage their adult children to prepare for their marriage from a relationship wellness perspective, and not just for the wedding day? When we opt for a wedding planner to help us manage our wedding ceremonies, why does it sound strange, weird, or outrageous to have marriage wellness experts assist us in preparing for a healthier and happier married life? Probably because it is unfamiliar, uncommon, unaware, or unpopular? These are some questions to ponder and act.


It may be time that we open up to what is increasingly the need of the hour. Premarital Marriage Mentoring programs can be a marriage saver and probably one of the best gifts you can gift each other before commencing a lifetime of togetherness.